Hi, I’m Lucas Courtney and I design games!

Well, by ‘design’ I mean I sit at my desk pulling my hair out trying to work out new and interesting ways to entertain those oddities called ‘players’. This usually involves me sat at my desk scripting mechanics till the early hours, with the occasional spot of modelling and graphic design just to mix things up a little. That and about 2 litres of tea (I am British after all.)

To me games should be bright, fun and engaging experiences. Personally I’ve always opted for the bright and shiny aesthetic in my games over stark grey colour pallets. Realistic graphics are also not something I’m overly familiar with, my belief being that we play games to take leave of reality for a short while and engage in a universe with unlimited possibilities.

Right now I’m biting my nails over the prospect of finishing my final year of Gameplay Design & Production at Staffordshire University, after which hopefully some kind soul will pick me up and we shall make games to rival the ages.

Check out the site and don’t be afraid to get in touch,


Lucas Courtney (Codemonkey87)

P.S. Also I have a blog, check it out!

Image of Lucas Courtney